Field Service Dispatch and Scheduling Software -Calendar Features

One of the most important aspects of a quality dispatch and scheduling software program is the flexibility of it’s calendar features. The Mobilogic FieldOPS calendars are feature rich and simple to use. The dispatch board(s) commonly referred to as the DBoard(s), have both time-base scheduling and slot-based scheduling capabilities. It many cases residential home service contractors may opt to use the time-based DBoards to visually see the time available for scheduling technicians work. Commercial service firms may opt to see their work order jobs stacked together showing the estimated number of hours for each specific type of problem.

Depending on the size of your company you might even consider multiple DBoards for example separate boards for: Service, Installation, Sales, and Construction. Many of our DBoard customers will also add tracking columns on their boards for items like, Waiting for Part; Parts to Order; Parts are In: Installations Pending; Shop Work, etc.

As you will see during this video presentation, there are many optional features available with the Field OPS  dispatch scheduling software. As a user of the software you can determine which features will help you to operate a more efficient scheduling operation.  Contact us to schedule a personal demonstration of the Mobilogic FieldOPS dispatch and scheduling software.

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