HVAC service dispatch job cost estimator

Service Dispatch Software Job Cost and Quote Preparation

FieldOPS Service Dispatch Job Cost and Quoting module provides the ability to track completed job costing as well as quote preparation. The Job Cost module also provides for billing of fixed priced installations with detail and summary cost reporting.
Some unique features of this module include:

  • Job estimates, also referred to as proposals or quotes, may be created in summary mode or with all job detail included. Detailed estimates can include all estimated labor, inventoried parts/materials/equipment, and an unlimited number of miscellaneous costs. Estimates are created with a defined expiration date and are automatically expired by the Daily Processing Task if not activated before the expiration date.
  • Gross margin is calculated as the estimate is put together. This allows estimates to be put together to achieve optimum margin levels for your organization.
  • Reports comparing actual costs and profitability with estimated costs and expected profitability are available on jobs for which a detailed estimate has been prepared. Two different job estimate or quote forms are supplied to accommodate both summary and detailed estimates.
  • Mobilogic FieldOPS does not automatically create work-in-process invoices for jobs. However, it does compute billing amounts based on the percentage of the job completed at time of billing. This figure may be overridden as desired. The user also has control over the amount of sales revenue posted as each work-in-process invoice is created.
  • A retention percentage may optionally be specified on each individual job. When retention is specified on a job, each invoice will reflect the appropriate amount of retention withheld. Once a job has been completely billed (less retention), the retention can be billed in part or in full.
  • Overhead (or burden) percentages may be specified for each type of cost that might be incurred on a job. Standard overhead percentages to be used as defaults may be specified (by cost type) for each call type. As a specific estimate is created, the user may override default overhead percentages, as desired. Overhead percentages are only used on profitability reports to calculate net profit figures.
  • As costs are entered against the job, completion percentages by cost type and computed profit margins may be easily viewed without having to print profitability reports.
  • Mobilogic FieldOPS Service Dispatch Job Cost and Quoting module also tracks any changes made to the job amount of an active job. The cumulative amount of change is recorded by the system, and a note is generated automatically showing the date, time, amount of change, and the person that made the change. This cumulative change order amount is also shown on job reports.
  • Jobs are scheduled and tracked on DBOARD just like service work orders. Technicians can be easily assigned and scheduled for jobs so that they are not inadvertently scheduled for conflicting service work. Any job work is also reflected in the Technician’s Productivity report.
  • Job deposits may easily be recorded against the customer record and later applied to any of the progress invoices for the job.
  • Profitability is tracked to enhance future bidding. The Job Profitability report shows actual costs and profitability to date, as well as any open purchase order items not yet received to the job.

Management Reporting for FieldOPS Service Dispatch Job Cost and Quoting Module

  • Open Job Quotes
  • Over/Under Billings
  • Detailed Job Estimate
  • Job Estimated/Actual Cost Comparison
  • Job Profitability Detail
  • Job Profitability
  • Retention Receivable
  • Jobs-In-Process (WIP billings)
  • Work In Process (WIP costs)
  • Custom Reports may also be created using Crystal Reports

To learn how FieldOPS Service Dispatch Job Cost and Quoting module can help your company to be more productive, efficient and streamline your entire operation watch our videos and contact us today for your Free Software Demonstration.