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FieldOPS Flat Rate Pricing Software Module

FieldOPS Flat Rate Pricing Software module allows you to bill using your own Flat Rate Pricing with printed truck books or you can simply integrate with your flat rate service provider including Callahan Roach, Collier Jennings and Profit Strategies. By using one of the available data services that collect and standardize data on plumbing, heating & air conditioning and other services, your organization can provide competitive prices and simplify your data entry in the process. Flat rates may be accessed by your field technicians using their mobile devices to create Good, Better, Best quotes and provide customer billings.

Flat Rate links to your billings to speed entry and processing.

Flat rate prices may be maintained for both primary and additional service at three different levels, which we have identified as Regular, Overtime, and Agreement. Primary is typically used to price the first (or primary) service on a single service call, with Additional used for subsequent services on the same call. The flat rate labor rates for Additional are slightly less than for Primary since CAP assumes that you were already on site and had no additional travel or preparation time. The levels for Overtime and Agreement should be self-explanatory.

Select the Technician’s Repair Guide option from the Reports / Service menu to print a flat rate pricing guide that the technicians can take with them into the field. The guide contains a description of the work that has been defined in the flat rate item file, with up to six levels of pricing for each repair.

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