Accounts Receivable Module – FieldOPS Field Service Software

Manage Your Billings  and  Cash Flow

FieldOPS Accounts Receivable allows your to manage your jobs and service dispatch billing and tracking of invoices and monies received from customers.  Customer balances are maintained in real time and are displayed with a flashing red font for quick review each time a customer record is selected for account review or transaction entry.

> Streamline your Billing Process

  • Money received from a customer may be easily applied to the customer’s account as unapplied or applied to specific invoices.
  • The system insures that all billable line items are billed before the work order is “closed”.  This eliminates duplication of data and any chance of lost entries.
  • Finance charges may be generated
  • Individual customer and billing accounts can also be flagged for credit hold
  • Account statements can be generated for both customer and billing accounts
  • Aged receivables reports are available in both summary and detail formats

> Flexible Management Reports to Help Increase Cash Flow

  • Unapplied Receipts
  • Sales Detail
  • Sales Tax
  • Use Tax
  • Credit Invoices
  • Daily Receipts
  • Daily Invoices
  • Pre-Invoice Audit Journal

To learn how FieldOPS Field Service Dispatching Scheduling Software can help your company to be more productive, and streamline your entire office and field operations, contact us to schedule your Free Software Review.