Sales and Marketing field service management software

Sales and Marketing Module

The Sales and Marketing module in the  Mobilogic FieldOPS field service management software is a true profit-making tool for any service operation and a must for those committed to providing quality long-term customer service. This powerful module provides all of the features necessary for monitoring equipment for repeat or replacement sales, entering and tracking sales leads, analyzing the effectiveness of advertising dollars, and generating various marketing lists from your Mobilogic FieldOPS customer and equipment databases.

Some unique features of the Sales & Marketing module include:

  • Sales leads are easily entered into the system while a potential customer is on the phone. The important properties of a sales lead, such as user definable: lead type (ex. new construction, replacement, etc.), job type (ex, furnace, kitchen, etc.), source (ex. yellow pages, media ad, etc.), and disposition (new lead, awaiting follow-up, appointment set, etc.) can be easily selected from user-defined drop-down lists. Disposition and follow-up dates can be easily selected from a pop-up calendar on the screen.
  • A salesperson can be assigned to a lead when the lead is created or at a later date. Employee referrals can also be noted and tracked if your organization pays incentives for them.
  • Work orders, parts orders, and service agreements may reference a sales lead for analysis of various types of advertising effectiveness based on profitability of the sale item.
  • A unique Marketing List Wizard provides the ability to extract information from your customer database using a variety of selection criteria. This wizard can be used to produce any number of marketing lists from which customer service people can work to generate new business and/or determine the effectiveness of your technical staff after work has been performed. The resulting customers selected can be specified to:
    • Add selected records to an existing marketing list.
      Replace the contents of an existing marketing list with the selected records.
      Create a new marketing list for the selected records.
      Create a tab delimited ASCII file for use for a mail/merge operation with another application, such as Microsoft Word.

The Marketing List Wizard also allows you to select groups of customers based on: customer type, service center, service area, primary service technician, primary salesperson, rate sheet, tax code, or date the account was opened. The data can be further subset by selecting any combination of parameters such as:

  • Equipment – Select customers that have or do not have particular equipment as specified by equipment class and type, manufacturer, year of manufacture, installation date, and warranty expiration date.
    Service History – Select customers that have had or have not had service as specified by call type, problem, or repair since a specified date.
    Service Agreements – Select customers that have or do not have service agreements or quotes for service agreements based on agreement type or whether they have an agreement or renewal offer that expired on or after a specified date.
    Invoices – Select customers that have had billings within a specified dollar range during a specified time period. Invoices selected for inclusion can also be specified by type (work orders, agreements, miscellaneous billings).

Preset Reports include Active Leads…Lead/Work Order Analysis…and Lead Follow-up. Any number of custom reports and forms may also be designed using the popular Crystal Reporting software.

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