Purchase Order and Inventory Control

> Complete Purchase Order Control

FieldOPS Field Service Software provides a complete purchase order system with one-click attachment of PO’s to a specific work order. For inventory items it updates the average and last cost of each item or part stocked. Credit PO’s for Core Return and RMA’s control.

> Manage Main Stock and Locations

The FieldOPS Field Service Software inventory system is designed for service operations providing all of the functions necessary for complete control of your organization’s inventoried assets. Both the levels and value of stock for service trucks, main stock, or other stocking locations is tracked in real time by FieldOPS. Extensive reporting capabilities assist in reorders, valuation of inventory, monitoring usage of key parts, and other required inventory management functions.

> Streamline Parts Entry with Bar Coding

The FieldOPS Bar Code software works with both the Purchase Order and Inventory systems. Bar codes may be generated as items are received.  As items are used per job the bar codes can be scanned into the registers to eliminate manual entry.

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