FieldOPS Service Software – Service Agreements Module

The FieldOPS service agreements module provides the functionality required for most organizations that provide warranty and contract service to their customer base. Once service agreements are created and activated, FIELDOPS automatically generates recurring billings for them as required by the terms of the contracts. Renewals are generated automatically using parameters defined for your organization. Agreements not renewed are automatically expired by the system to protect against costs incurred outside the coverage period.

Some unique features of the Service Agreements module include:

  • Each agreement type can have its own associated rate sheet that controls labor rates, markups, and discounts for service work performed against agreements of specific types.
  • Individual agreements may have their own associated rate sheet to further define pricing, etc. Any specified rates and markups/discounts are automatically applied during the work order creation, costing, and billing processes.
  • Agreement amounts can be determined either by individual piece of covered equipment or by a fixed price for the agreement. This allows prices for equipment with higher maintenance costs to be properly reflected in pricing for future coverage periods. Support is also provided for “time of service” billing.
  • Once the billing amounts and billing frequencies are set for individual agreements, FIELDOPS’s Daily Processing Task generates agreement billings automatically as they come due. Your organization may specify the billing parameters to be used for invoice generation.
  • Renewals are generated automatically by the system well in advance of the coverage expiration date. Again, you control how far in advance the renewals will be generated. Adjustments to pricing of renewals can be controlled by the type of agreement being renewed.
  • Renewal notices may be printed and mailed daily to eliminate backlogs on specific days of the month. If the renewal notices are generated several weeks in advance, the customer should have plenty of time to review new prices or coverage terms prior to coverage expiration.
  • The Daily Processing Task automatically expires agreements at the end of their coverage periods. Renewals are automatically activated at the same time if they have been “approved” and accepted by the customer.
  • Agreement types may be identified as warranties. This allows for the tracking of costs for reimbursement by manufacturers. Both the date of installation and the length of warranty period may be recorded on individual service agreements.
  • Profitability reporting by equipment type, agreement type, or individual agreement help keep your profit margins where you want them. There are several different profitability reports available. FIELDOPS provides additional reports, such as Renewal Pricing Worksheet…Active Quotes and Renewal Offers…Expired Agreements Not Fully Billed…Unearned Revenue…Active Agreement Summary.
  • FIELDOPS gives you the ability to print quote, renewal, and active agreement forms that can be mailed to your customers. These forms may be customized as required by your organization.
  • Agreements can be located within the system by customer, by specific agreement number, or by agreement expiration date. A data view of pending renewals is also provided so that customer service representatives may proactively contact customers that have yet to notify you of renewal acceptance.

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